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Monday, July 2, 2012

Two unique uses for garbage bags

Here Two ways to use garbage bags other than for garbage!

Here up North, we know how miserable it is to clean ice from the windshield of our parked car. To avoid this task, cut open any cheap garbage bag along the seams. Open the doors and place the plastic across the doors and windshield. If you have the patience to cut up another garbage bag, you can cover your back window as well. Think of a creative way of keeping it in place if you do not have any windshields or other objects to keep the plastic from blowing away.

Overnight the ice will form on the plastic instead of your windshield. In the morning all you have to do is remove the plastic.

This is a great tip from the North that will save you time in the morning. If you can think of anything else to throw over your windshield, please leave a comment below.

The second use for trash bags are for bed wetters. This tip should not be used for babies or small toddlers. Cut the plastic bag and place it under the bed sheet. You can also wrap up the entire mattress in plastic. Make sure that no plastic is exposed. You do not want the kids messing with it. 

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