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Monday, November 5, 2012

Store leftover paint in used jugs

One thing that I do not like to do is store paint. The cans are sticky, when the paint dries over the lip it can be a pain to open. This little idea makes pouring and storing paint a breeze. 

Start saving all of your used liquid laundry detergent jugs. Wash them out, and set them to dry. Make sure they are perfectly dry. Grab a funnel and pour in your paint. Be sure to mark the jug.  No more rusty lids, paint splatters from tapping the lids closed, dried-out paint or runs down the side of the can when pouring. The spout works great for dispensing paint. Just fill the jugs using a funnel and you’re good to go.

Some people store paint in mason jars, which I think is a waste of a perfectly good glass jar. These should be used for canning, making lanterns or other things - not storing paint.